What’s your family like?

Posted by Maisy Birdsall on May 4th, 2018

Would you like to get to know our Glasgows team at a more personal level? Well here you go…. The table below shows more detail about each member of our team. Everyone has been put into one of two columns to answer questions about our team that you might not already know.


Time served? (at Glasgows we mean!)

This is a way of us showing you just how long some of our team members have been working with us. Some members of staff have been here for over 5 years whereas others members have worked for Glasgows for less than 5 years.

We also understand the importance of working with students; currently we have one apprentice student, one university student on a placement year and a former student placements who has returned to work for us. We are regularly employing new members of staff to grow team Glasgows, currently we have 26 full time employees!


Meticulous or Spontaneous?

These skills are related to the job responsibilities of each individual, some of our roles require people to quickly respond to changes whereas others require people to carefully consider every detail. However at times, everyone is required to act both meticulously and spontaneously.

When choosing who to fit in which category we thought about the day to day responsibilities of the team. For example, our Production Team need to be spontaneous to meet any last minute on site changes, whatever they may be. Whereas our Finance Team have to be meticulous in order to pay invoices and set up new accounts for clients… it’s all so varied!


Creative or Conventional?

Our Graphic Designers are required to be more creative in order to think of new, innovative, imaginative ideas for our clients. But, our Warehouse Team have to act conventionally with set rules to follow, in order to store items securely and safely. Our Projects Team have to be conventional and traditional when answering emails, phone calls and all other communications, whatever the query!

There are times where everyone is required to be creative and when everybody is required to follow the rules and act conventionally.