What’s on your desk?

Posted by Maisy Birdsall on May 15th, 2018

We asked almost everyone in the office (who has a desk of course) this question and put together a list of the most reoccurring items.


1. At least one working pen- always handy.
2. A pencil case- filled with pens; that we then forget exist because we use the same one every time…
3. Post-it notes- life saviours.
4. Hand cream- mostly the women.
5. Flavoured tea- only the women, but they share.
6. Lip balm- flavours varied.
7. Food- snacks, snacks and more snacks.
8. A mug- full or empty depending on the time.
9. Redoxon- no one likes getting ill around here.
10. Paper work- piles and piles of it!
11. Purple file holders- used as an attempt to organise the piles and piles of paper work.
12. A spare jumper or cardigan- it can get reeeally cold in winter.


What’s great about everyone’s desk is no matter what office you’re in, they’ll all be completely different. At Glasgows, each member of staff is so unique we pride ourselves in this as it means we adopt an array of skills as a team and take full advantage of these in every project we are rewarded with.