Tom Hulme
AV & Streaming Technician

Responsible for: Rigging, configuring and operating sound, vision and lighting during events, as well as operating live streams. Working hard in the background to keep events running smoothly!

Favourite part of the job: When an event comes together and runs perfectly. So satisfying!

Guilty pleasure: Used to be Amazon, but that title was taken from me by none other than my mum! Now? I tend to indulge myself maybe a bit too much in the world of broadcast, researching how things are done and getting to play with proper bits of broadcast kit

Claim to fame: I’ve been on TV a couple times during my few years of existing. My first appearance was on ITV Granada Reports many years back when I was just a wee lad (about 7?), as part of their “Young Newsreaders” event in Preston. Still have the video on YouTube somewhere! My second was on a Sky-specific channel, on a programme called Lancashire One. My dad released a Christmas Single a few years ago, and they were there at the launch night filming interviews. I was in the background holding a little donation bucket

When not working: I spend a lot of time outside of work developing software and websites, as well as designing UI concepts and creating animations in After Effects.  I also help run physical community-based events both here and around the UK