Louise Jones
Film Producer

Responsible for:  Producing fabulous films and animations – standalone films but also those that feature at our clients’ events

Favourite part of the job: I love writing concepts and really getting my thinking cap on – I have a big brainstorm (sorry, ‘thought shower’) at the outset of every project where I write down random ideas that pop into my head, whittle all the bad ideas out(!), and then develop them further. I then absolutely love seeing a project come to life during the filming days or animation build process!

Guilty pleasure: Cheesy music – my favourite radio station is Mellow Magic (I’m so cool!). I’m not afraid to say that my second guilty pleasure is doing a bit of Whitney on karaoke! I also tragically love garden centres.

Claim to fame: I have worked on numerous TV shows and can be seen in Phoenix Nights (I was robbed in a jewellers in the second series!) and have also sang live on Channel Five and the defunct cable channel Live TV (I was no doubt key to its demise). Prior to working at Glasgows, I was also Producer of six series of the paranormal show Most Haunted and could be found on screen screaming a lot!

When not working: I can be found dancing to Tina Tuner in my living room, at the top of a play-centre slide with my little girl or at a Sunday morning farmers’ market eating a sausage barm.