Jon-Paul Keenan
Creative Designer

Responsible for: Highly skilled in all areas from graphic design and artwork production to 3D modelling, animation and motion graphics, JP produces everything from collateral print to epic videos and animations. From the initial concept, storyboarding and scripting to the final output, JP is involved all the way. He believes we’re here to create. Clients tell us he creates perfection

Favourite part of the job: Making moving images and the challenge of making a great idea real

Guilty pleasure: Probably too much TV, Pot Noodle sandwiches, Dr. Hook (as in the band that sings When You’re In Love With a Beautiful Woman), Dad radio

Claim to fame: I once fell over on stage in front of the legendary John Peel

When not working: I’m trying to tame the rabid horde of children I have (and failing)! Music, music, music, listening to and playing. Love researching things and teaching myself how to do anything and everything