Carrie Mosley
Business Development Manager

Responsible for: Having worked in broadcast media, events and travel for more than 30 years, my role has always been to help clients find the right solution for their needs. At Glasgows I have the pleasure of introducing our fantastic brand to companies and looking after all their event, film and digital requirements. I am also part of a small team who look after our social media so if you have something to share please let me know. Always happy to have a chat and a coffee, why not drop me a note

Favourite part of the job: I love working with clients and having ‘real’ conversations about what they need and how we can help make it happen. It is really satisfying to be part of a client’s success story. It also makes me very happy to work with a company who make me feel proud to be part of the team.

I am delighted that a good number of my clients have become friends over the years.

Guilty pleasure: Singing along to music in the car at full pelt. I have the most out of tune voice but love singing….singing in the car keeps everyone happy (as long as there are no passengers of course!)

Claim to fame: I volunteered to build houses on a township in South Africa and it was an amazing experience. 600 of us built 74 houses in a 10-day period. The joy of handing house keys to a family who had only ever known a tin shack was humbling. I also completed the Tony Robbins fire walk – walking bare foot along 10 metres of red-hot burning coals makes you realise you really can do anything.

When not working: I love reading, travelling, movies, eating, drinking, socialising, shopping and bizarrely tidying the house!