Team Glasgows – the unknown facts

Posted by Jessica Pryce on April 5th, 2016

We’re a fascinating bunch, it’s true, just take a look at our staff profiles… BUT here’s some Glasgows facts you may not know!


-Our longest serving staff member is Bernie, our Company Secretary and Head of Business Services who’s been keeping us in check for the past 25 years!

-We have an honorary mascot called Leo! He likes to pay us a visit in the Team Glasgows office every so often to ensure we’re doing a good job!

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– 15% of the work force is called Paul, 10% of the work force is called James, we also have a Jon and a Jon-Paul… takes some getting used to for any new starters we can tell you!

– If you’re trying to eat healthily, we strongly advise against entering the Production Office, the guys are fantastic in keeping our local fast food chains in business.