Posted by Maisy Birdsall on June 22nd, 2018

We’re sad to say that our Project Administrator, Sophie Knapman has now completed her student placement with us.

Sophie played a key role as part of the Projects Team over the past 12 months. Mainly in assisting Project Managers with the planning and delivery of events, from venue searching to event registration, Sophie was often the first point of contact for delegates, suppliers, speakers and exhibitors. Sophie undertook research for tender proposals and helped out with general office administration tasks.

Before Sophie left we asked her to answer some questions for future students on placement at Glasgows, here is what she came up with:


What is one of the most valuable lesson you will take away from being part of Team Glasgows?

No matter how grand or serious the work is, the people that you work with will always make your job that little bit better.


Sum up your year with Glasgows in just 3 words.





What is a line of advice you would give the next student to come to Glasgows?

Live nearby to the office or find a friend who will let you stay at their house for those all-important Glasgows parties!


Tell us what you would remind everyone to do on their first day of work?

Arrive on time with a smile and a friendly attitude.


How sad are you to leave Team Glasgows on a scale of 1-10 and why?

8/10 – I’m looking forward to getting back to university but I will miss working with Team Glasgows; everyone has made me feel a part of the team from day one and I will definitely miss seeing them all every day.