designed by experts

tailored to you

Do you need a website specifically tailored to your event which helps you stand out from the crowd? We’re on it! What’s more, we can take the stress out of delegate management with our fully integrated online registration system.

Our talented team of developers don’t just ‘do websites’, they craft perfection whether that be a stand alone event site, our awesome event app or even a touch screen game…

We did say everything is possible, and of course we weren’t lying.

rock your social status

We’re living in an age where Social Media is key to interacting with delegates before, during and after events. We love a hashtag and thinking up imaginative new ways for your event to rock its social status, be it in a public domain or a secure event specific network.

wizard video production

We’ve heard whispers of magic when it comes to our video and animation production… but no incantations used here, just expert knowledge, years of experience and ingenuity by the bucket load!

If it’s interactivity you’re after, then we’ve just the ticket! Invite viewers to get more involved by adding hotspots, clickable links, alternate storylines or endings! You can even allow delegates to create their own personal highlights package!

Be it a presentation, a nomination or even a 10 second filler… present perfection!

make it interactive

Ask your delegates a question and you shall have an answer. Engaging with your audience using our interactive technologies will open a whole new level of dialogue. Perhaps you require voting keypads? Maybe you’ve got your eye on our very own event app preloaded on iPads or using delegates’ own smart devices? We’ll be able to provide instant, on the spot feedback and results, nice one!

stream it live

Extend the reach of your event past the confines of a single conference room by streaming it live!

Delegates across the world can log in and watch, we can also link to our online registration system to restrict access or charge for tickets. Online delegates can take advantage of an interactive agenda, speaker bios, online community and even get involved by submitting questions and votes live via the website.

it just works!

Technology and Social Media are ingrained in our everyday lives and will undoubtedly play some part in your event. Our aim is to embrace this and provide you with a fully integrated and accessible experience. With us on board you don’t need to worry about the technology. It just works!

What did our client say?

I would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with Glasgows again. They were totally professional and flexible throughout the whole process, from the way they completed the tender to delivering the final reports and accounts Karen Ball, Head of Local Engagement, UKTI