challenge accepted

We were given the opportunity by the Police Federation to produce a video demonstrating how police officers are an integral part of all communities; whose role is far more than just fighting crime. The aim was to stress the hugely valuable day-to-day work police officers carry out which may not always be obvious, but has more of an impact on people’s daily lives then is initially realised. The video also needed to highlight the danger that the reassuring presence of a police officer out on routine patrol will gradually disappear.

everything is possible

Our concept was to produce a short ‘day in the life’ video showing a series of reasonably low-level incidents which are dealt with effectively and sympathetically by two police officers. Each scenario is an everyday occurrence in the working life of police officers; demonstrating their reassuring presence, ensuring things do not escalate.

We adopted a first-person filming style, from the officer’s and the public’s point of view, to put the viewer in the shoes of the protagonists; making the action very close and personal. In addition, all the scenarios were sequenced in one ‘day-long’ journey; underlining the range of incidents that police officers have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, but also highlighting the continuous, non-stop nature of police work.


Extensive pre-planning ensured that every single element – from storyboarding to script-writing, location setting to casting, logistics to technical specifications – was accurately planned before the filming began. A five-person film crew was on site for two days of filming to cover all the scenarios required for the story in full HD and super wide screen.

By streamlining the editing process more time was given to apply post-production effects, creating a consistent look and feel to the film, with the addition of a custom designed sound scape to help build tension and atmosphere.



the result

The award winning video was launched at the Police Federation’s Annual Conference and presented to the Home Secretary during the keynote session of Conference.

It received huge praise from the Police Federation, its members and key stakeholders, and featured heavily in the press.  It was uploaded to the Federation You Tube channel and immediately went viral; amassing 60,000 hits in 24 hours.

The video was awarded GOLD in the EVCOM Screen Awards 2016 for Communication Effectiveness, plus a Highly Commended in Marketing and PR.

What did our client say?

“As you know we think the video is excellent and we were delighted with the end product. Our thanks to all involved.”

Catherine Feast, Head of Communications, Police Federation