challenge accepted

We were initially invited to tender for a series of six key annual events over a two year period, due to the development of a good working partnership, this has since escalated to close to 30.

The events vary in both size, with the audience ranging between 60 and 450, and scope; with some being simple half day seminars where we provide a simple pre-event administration and onsite registration service, up to full four day events with pre-event, onsite and post event management, along with full Interactive, AV and production services.

The MHRA hold events to communicate legislative changes, to promote best regulatory practice and to provide guidance to the pharmaceutical industry. The events need to offer delegates the opportunity to communicate directly with the MHRA and its inspectors, providing consistent, interactive and engaging platforms in a cost effective and professional way.

everything is possible

Speed, service and quality being key, we quickly understood that the best way to achieve and maintain this was to set up a templated online registration system and website which could be quickly applied to each new event as they arose. The initial design was based on MHRA branding meaning they were instantly recognisable as an MHRA event. Functions were easily turned on or off depending on an event’s needs, such as taking payments, applying VAT, the ability to submit questions to the panel or pick workshops as part of the event.

Each event had a bespoke phone app providing key information for delegates on the go. Interaction was promoted pre-event through the website delegate area and app, allowing them to network with each other and on stage speakers.

MHRA events have proved incredibly popular, selling out fast on almost every occasion. So to make sure there were no lulls in communication from the early bookings through to the event itself, we ensured regular dates were issued to delegates providing information from new speakers added to the agenda to details such as local travel on the event day.

We applied a similar approach to the stage set for each event, producing a scaleable set design meaning a consistent look was established for each event whether it be a small event for 100 or a larger event for 500.

During the events, we had a suite of interactive tools which the speakers could choose to incorporate into their presentation to aid engagement with the audience. These included voting handsets, interactive iPads and submitting questions which were moderated and addressed live on stage

To support the above, we also provided full venue search, contract and management plus pre, on-site & post project management services.

the result

Overall feedback for the ongoing MHRA events is overwhelmingly positive regarding content, agenda structure and delivery. The use of state of the art interactive techniques, the event app and access to the delegate information hub has been incredibly well received with delegates appreciating the numerous opportunities to engage and feel a part of the event. Being able to develop this relationship with the MHRA and gain a thorough understanding of what the delegates want to take away , has allowed us to put in place improvements and have a constructive input into planning meetings over and above the logistical arrangements.

What did our client say?

“The organisation of the GMP/GDP Symposium was thorough and well planned.

Glasgows were in regular contact with us and ensured that their work met our expectations. They answered any queries extremely quickly and were always available for a chat. Moreover, they freely offered their advice and expertise which no doubt improved our event. The organisation on the day was slick, well-timed and perfectly managed.

Thank you for all your hard work, flexibility, support and impressive attention to detail throughout this project.”

MHRA GMP/GDP Planning Team