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Posted by Jessica Pryce on March 10th, 2016

Assistant Production Manager, Scott Laywood 

Event days are what we love! A hectic day from start to finish, but hey, that’s what we thrive on… Check out a day in the life of our Assistant Production Manager Scott whilst working on the Visit England Awards 2016, held on March 8th at The Winter Gardens Opera House, Blackpool…


Rig Day

It’s 6pm, the night before the awards, I arrive at the venue and find the rig crew are already building truss towers and unloading trucks. I make myself known to Jon our Production Manager who shows me the balcony area where I’ll be setting up. This is followed by a quick walkthrough of the venue to see the best way of getting my equipment up to the first floor.


As I’m keynote/switching operator and projectionist (along with Tim), I begin locating all of the flight cases containing our video equipment and start moving them all towards the lift and up to the control area. Once complete, it’s a case of setting all laptops/switchers/monitors into position on the tech desk and cabling them together.


Next up, it’s time to run power from the distribution unit to the control area and the projectors, where Tim then begins to program the switcher whilst I start running data cables to the projector positions, and to the auto-cue monitor on the stage. A signal issue arises going to the monitor on stage, so me and Tim work using 2-way radios (me on stage and Tim at control) to diagnose the issue.


Once resolved, we help the rig crew guide the screens and the set feature as they’re lifted into position. Allowing us to then focus the projectors. It’s around this time that pizza arrives, perfect timing for a bunch of hungry Production crew!


Lots of pizza later, me and Tim lift the projectors into position and begin the process of lining them up. By around midnight me and Tim are complete, and we all head back to the hotel ready for an early start in the morning.

Visit England Awards 2016 - 8th March 2016 -129

Show Day

I arrive back at the venue for around 9am. The set crew are already on site, finishing what they started the night before. I power up the projectors and then lend a hand until our Project Manager Liz is ready to go through the show content and scripts with myself and the rest of the show crew.


At 10:30am I’m enroute back to the Glasgows offices in Preston to collect some trees for the Twitter Garden! Upon arriving back at the venue I assist Jon and James in building the Twitter garden, finishing right on time as we hear the call for lunch.

Photo 08-03-2016, 17 17 27


After Lunch, it’s time for technical rehearsals with the show caller, and any necessary updates to slides are added. At around 4pm we start the speaker rehearsals. Doors open around 6pm and we wait eagerly for the show to begin. From here, we just follow the script!


The show finishes around midnight, which is when de-rig commences. This is basically the rig day in reverse! We’re finished and back in the hotel for 4am. Very tired but pleased with another successful event!

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