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Posted by Jessica Pryce on July 25th, 2016

In the second part of our ‘Day in the Life’ blog, it’s time to see what our Joint Managing Director Paul Leeks got up to whilst down in London for the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) Bravery Awards earlier this month!

staff member. Paul Leeks. Joint Managing Director


“It’s a bright and early start in London this morning as I meet up with our camera operator ahead of today’s filming at Downing Street. This year, the epicentre of Westminster is a buzz with broadcasters following the appointment of Theresa May as our new Prime Minister.  We arrive in the middle of her cabinet reshuffle and can see the throng of media already assembled outside no.10.

Due to this, we’re unsure of how to access Downing Street as our instructions are constantly updated, but we’re finally told to arrive via the Horseguards entrance where we meet up with the Police Federation Bravery Award nominees. We take the opportunity to begin our camera interviews with the nominees and their guests before moving into the rose garden of No.10 for the drinks reception.

We’re then met by the new PM and we assemble everyone for the group photo! After the reception and photo’s we’re escorted back out through Number 10 and film the nominees having their photographs taken in front of the famous black door – a great start to the day!

group photo

We hot foot it over to The Dorchester hotel to join the rest of our team who have been busy, since the crack of dawn, setting up ready for tonight’s award show and we’re good to go for presenter rehearsals. The afternoon passes quickly in a blur of technical rehearsals, dog searches and presenter run throughs before we finish set up in the ballroom and begin to welcome the guests- then it’s over to our production team to do what they do best…


The show is once again a huge success with the guests enjoying a spectacular evening of entertainment, speeches and exciting animated and video content.  We have been around the country interviewing many of our nominees on camera ahead of the awards, and tonight we watch as the winners relive their acts of bravery on film.  These videos (filmed and edited by our Glasgows video team) are fantastically well received by the winners as well as the media and enable the PFEW to showcase the true extent of the bravery shown by police officers up and down the country every day.


To round off the evening, the final national award is presented to PC Sean Cannon by the brand new Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

Photo 14-07-2016, 20 56 33


Overall, the day has been a huge success with both the Police Federation and the nominees having a fantastic (and we quote) ‘Once in a lifetime’ experience!

Time to head back up north!”

Photo 15-07-2016, 10 11 30