A day in the life

Posted by Jessica Pryce on July 12th, 2016

A busy few days for our Project Coordinator Gillian last week as she worked on the MHRA PIC/S event at Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum. Our Gilly is highly experienced in co-ordinating all support functions including pre-planning and administration. Clients love meeting Gillian on site where she’s the fountain of knowledge on all things registration, venue info and keeping all staff and contractors in check!

staff member. Gillian Dobson. Project Coordinator

Day 1 – Monday 4th July – Set up and Committee Meeting

It’s an early start to my Monday morning today as our Project Manager Andy picks me up at 7am before we set off for the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. Myself and the team had already printed the delegate badges and filled the delegate packs last week, so we’re good to go as soon as we arrive!

Upon arrival, we meet with the venue and I begin to set up the registration desk with the badges and lanyards, whilst Andy along with the rest of the Production team set up the main room.  I also spend an hour or so adding additional literature into all the delegate bags, as some of the literature has been delivered directly to the venue.

At 1pm the attendees for the Committee Meeting start to arrive. I’m on meet and greet duty, handing out badges and delegate bags, whilst directing them to the tea and coffee area for refreshments. At 2pm, we ask people to make their way into the main room as the event is about to start.

Throughout the event I’m based on the registration/help desk. During the periods of time that the event is in full swing and all the attendees are in the Main room, I’m on emails working on my other current live events. I also check the venue are on time for the next refreshment break, chasing if necessary. Although, we’re really lucky as the venue are superb and always on time- a pleasure to work with!


Photo 04-07-2016, 14 17 24

Day 2 – Tuesday 5th July – Continuation of Committee Meeting
Today it’s the same delegates as the afternoon before so I’ve no registration to do but I greet people as they arrive and ensure their badges are visible (for security purposes).  Of course a few people have left them in their hotel rooms so I print off another copy for them!

Drinks Reception
The Committee Meeting overruns by an hour, finishing at 6pm, therefore, most delegates head straight over to the drinks reception instead of back to their hotels. The reception is taking place in the Power Hall which houses the MSIM stream trains, how cool is that! Luckily our Production Team have set the PA up in plenty of time so we we’re all ready to go!

As the delegates are  having such a good time and the drinks are flowing, the client asks us to check with the venue if we can have an extension on the finish time. The evening is supposed to finish at 8pm but the venue are fantastically accommodating and authorise an extension until 9pm! I stay in the drinks reception keeping an eye on things and slowly turning down the background music as we approach 9pm to hint it’s coming to an end!

Whilst the Drinks reception is taking place, the venue and our team are changing the layout of the main room as this had been set up in a Boardroom style (a big rectangle with monitors in the middle) for the Committee Meeting, and this now needs to be cabaret tables of 10 ready for the Seminar the next day.


Day 3 – Wednesday 6th July – PIC/S Seminar
Today along with the people who had already attended the Committee Meeting on Monday and Tuesday, we welcome a new set of people arriving for the Seminar taking place over the Wednesday/Thursday and Friday morning. I again greet them on arrival, provide their badge and delegate bag, and direct everyone to the tea and coffee area for refreshments.

Day 4 – Thursday 7th July
As everyone already has their badges etc, I spend this morning working on my various other live events, answering queries and again checking on the refreshments/catering for the day ahead.

PIC/S Seminar Dinner
Tonight it’s time for the Seminar Dinner in the Museum foyer- Myself and Andy are on hand as the delegates arrive to cross them off the attendance list and assist with any queries etc.



Day 5 – Friday 8th July
Surprisingly, after the previous evening’s dinner, most of the delegates arrive at the venue on time for the 9am start! The sessions run to time and the event finishes at 12.30pm. In case any delegates have to leave quickly to catch trains/planes we’ve organised lunch with an option of grab bags (along with the normal buffet lunch).

I’m ready as people leave to bid them farewell, answer any questions regarding travel and wish them a safe trip home.

The week has gone really well but with all the long days, I’m ready for a restful weekend!