30 Fun Fast Glasgows Facts

Posted by Maisy Birdsall on March 9th, 2018


As Glasgows has been around for 30 years, we thought it was only fair for you to know 30 fun facts about us!

1. Glasgows was born July 29, 1987
2. We have two office dogs but as we like to call them our mascots. Leo and Bramble.
3. At present we have 27 members of staff (not including our mascots)
4. We have changed of office location 4 times over the years.
5. At present we have 3 Pauls in the office.
6. ‘Pub lunch Fridays’ is a recently made tradition by some of the staff.
7. We have our very own warehouse.
8. At first meeting people often mix up Jim and James.
9. We have at least 2 staff parties a year.
10. It is usually the norm for us have treats on our office kitchen table due to peoples love of baking.
11. At the beginning of Glasgows journey they specialise in public relations, media booking, design and print as well as exhibition and display stand production.
12. We have our very own events app, GEM (Glasgows Events Management).
13. Our team has more or less increased in team members every year since Glasgows was born.
14. We take on one placement student every year.
15. A hand full of team members have been here since day one.
16. We are called Glasgows after our Chairman, Ron Glasgow.
17. Last year we took on our first ever apprentice.
18. We have our very own Carltoons, which are cartoons created by Carl of each member of staff.
19. We are not based in Glasgow!
20. We’ve always had a reception table and never a receptionist.
21. Our car park is actually too small for all our cars to park on.
22. We have stained glass windows for our entrance.
23. We have two toilets in the female bathroom but all the female staff only use the same one every time.
24. We have 3 kitchens all together in our office and warehouse.
25. It is rare that most staff are in the office/warehouse at once due to the amount of jobs people are out on weekly.
26. We have a vimto club in the office but made up of only 3 members.
27. Our old company theme colour was purple and now it’s orange.
28. We have our very own Glasgows band.
29. One of lads from the warehouse enjoys to dress up. Santa, Jack Sparrow, you name it Mike will dress up as it.
30. Although our Chairman, Ron Glasgow is Scottish he is in fact not from Glasgow.