10 things you wish you knew when starting your new job on the first day…

Posted by Maisy Birdsall on February 20th, 2018


Here is a list we thought everyone could relate to, about sitting down at your desk on your first day at your new job. It’s strange because some will be things you know like the back of your hand now but the things you didn’t, you might not have known them until after your first two weeks. Some you could never know and some you may have already had cracked but this is general tips and tricks we think everyone wants to know on that first day. Would you agree?


1. Colleagues names – who’s who?
2. First impressions are always more important than you think
3. How to set your daily routine
4. Taking notes is a must
5. There IS such a thing as a silly question
6. Never sell yourself short
7. Observe everything
8. How to balance your work life and personal life
9. The appropriate amount of time before making another drink
10. The appropriate amount of time before going to the toilet again